Curse Unraveling

Curses happen all the time. Many are unintentional, but some are intentionally done. You even can impose a curse upon yourself. Some curses can affect an entire family for multiple generations or be a one-time event. They can manifest in many ways - a long string of bad luck or accidents, unusual illnesses or accidents, multiple failed love affairs that seem to end for no reason, an unusual pattern of bad financial results or chronic money problems despite valid efforts to get ahead financially. Curses can reach across lifetimes. Some curses can be very complex to unravel and involve multiple sessions.

When a client comes for a curse unraveling, I inquire about the symptoms, and then journey to ask if the symptoms are being caused by one or more curses involving the client. If the answer is yes, I work to unravel the curse or curses and release the energy that fueled them. I then tell the client the nature of the curse, if I suspect that there may be secondary curses involved, and how to move forward in a healing way.

I do not perform curses.